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Blood Rayne 2 Free Download For Windows 10, 8.1, 7

This is an action chop and slashes software game that was developed by Terminal Reality for Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Windows. It does not follow directly from the place where the blood run is completed; instead, it takes place 60 and 70 years later in a contemporary 2000 setting.

Blood Rayne 2 Free Download | Plot

FMV opens with a flashback set as soon as the first game is over. Renee enters a library, with some Nazis inside. She discovers that Brimstone has killed members and finds out that her vampire father Kagan is here and acts as an influential Nazi.

Renee rushes to confront him for avenging the rape of his mother and the murder of her family, and Kagan jokes that he did not recognize Renee because he saw so many children that way. He finds what he is looking for called Vesper Shard. When he realizes that Renee still wants to kill him, he lifts Professor Trumain out of the ground, slits his throat and kills him, but he is still alive.

Kagan knew that they knew each other, and that Truman “stole” another offspring from him. While Kagan is teasing Rene, Truman pulls out a detonator, first gives Renee time to run, then blows up the grenade, kills himself and takes Kagan with him.

About players

Rayne, who denies the pleasure of killing himself, tries and destroys Kagan’s offspring for 60 years after the war. The offspring, half of Rene’s siblings, formed a group called the Kagan Cult. Cult Shroud has created a material that makes the sun’s rays harmless to vampires, allowing them to surface at all times of the day, and turning nature into a nightmare curve (trees die almost instantly, catching grass fires, twisting corpses). Using Schroeder, Kagan vowed to create a new era of hereditary domination, continuing the Kagan legacy.

Rayne and her friend find high-ranking members of the Sovereign Cult who cause hundreds of disappearances in the city. Rene finds out their plot and defeats her ambitious half-sister Ferrill. It will soon be known that Kagan himself has been out for many years and has gone into hiding.

After sending Kagan Ferrill, he turned Shrud into his kingdom, unleashing an army of vampire and demonic entities to activate, block the sun and destroy the city. Renee again focuses on killing Kagan. As Kagan’s army captures the city, Renee tries to confront his tower at once, fighting to bring his army to him.

The vengeful Ferril makes his own army to capture Kagan. After Rain sends the last of his half siblings, she confronts Kagan in his throne room, where Kagan teases her one last time about his attempt to create her. A fight ensues and Rene beheads her father, seeking revenge for her family.

Although Kagan is dead, vampires still plague the city, and Severin suggests that Renee run it now. Brymstone announced martial law to protect surviving humans, cracking down hard on all vampires, and more vampire heads focused on the city.

Blood Rayne 2


Developer(s) Terminal Reality
Publisher(s) ·         NA: Majesco Entertainment

·         EU: THQ

Producer(s) Raymond Holmes
Designer(s) ·         Raymond Holmes

·         Jeff Mills

·         Drew Haworth

Programmer(s) ·         Fletcher Dunn

·         Ken Rogoway

Artist(s) Scott Wetterschneider
Writer(s) ·         Drew Haworth

·         Raymond Holmes

·         Jeff Mills

·         John Shirley

Composer(s) Kyle Richards
Series BloodRayne
Platform(s) ·         PlayStation 2

·         Xbox

·         Microsoft Windows

Release ·         NA: October 12, 2004 (PS2, Xbox)

·         NA: August 2, 2005 (PC)

·         EU: February 17, 2006

Genre(s) Action, hack and slash
Mode(s) Single-player


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