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Blacklight Retribution Free Download For Windows 10, 8.1, 7

blacklight: retribution download 2020: This is a first-person shooter software game that was developed and published by Hardsuit Labs for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 4. It was originally published by Perfect World Entertainment on 3rd April 2012. With a full Steam release on July 2, the PS4 port was released as the launch title in North America on November 15, 2013, followed by Europe on December 4.

Blacklight Retribution Free Download

Blacklight: Revenge has received positive reviews from critics, with some calling it better than its predecessors. Praise was directed towards its graphics, mechanics, item balance and deep customization, while criticisms were directed towards its lack of innovation. The game became popular, garnering over a million players within a month of its release. The PC port was discontinued in March 2019 after a low customer engagement, with the PS4 port still active.


Blacklight: Revenge takes place in a cyberpunk setting and includes many game types and maps. The game currently has no player other than the tutorial level of controls and one of the levels of the game is the “training” mode that pit players on AI or “bot” enemies in Hellodeck. You can also take them for extra fighting points. Friendly players can choose a dead teammate token to point out to kill their enemies and gain extra fighting points. Siege mode, a team transporting a Scorpion tank into enemy territory through checkpoints, added in August 2012. In March 2013, attack mode was added; in which players collect tokens to obtain XP and GP.


Weapons depots are a new addition to Blacklight: Revenge. By default, they can be used to purchase a variety of equipment, such as health or ammo refills, flamethrowers, rocket launchers, and headshots, with pilot-capable machines such as the Minigan and Railgun. These can be purchased using combat points earned by performing desired actions in the game such as killing opponents and capturing points.

Blacklight Retribution game has a Hyper-Reality Wizard that allows the player to establish enemies, mines and hard suite weak points during walls and other obstacles for a very short time. In HRV, the player can only turn around, jump and sprint, which increases the chances of the HRV user being easily killed. HRV also has a very limited usage time and needs to be recharged. There are various game-elements to obscure or hide objects from HRV.

Each weapon can have many different receivers, from attack rifles to shotguns. Players can change the muzzle, barrel, magazine, optic scenes, stock, camouflage and weapon tag, which is a key-chain like a logo that hangs from a lanyard hook. There are certain attachments for some receivers that are not used for other receivers. In addition, there are ‘premade’ weapons that have fixed attachments. These attachments cannot be changed or used for other weapons. Only camouflage and weapon tags are interchangeable. Weapon tags give small bonuses to the statistics of the weapon or character, while camouflage is only aesthetic.

Blacklight retribution


Developer(s) Hardsuit Labs
Publisher(s) Perfect World Entertainment
Designer(s) Jared Gerritzen
Series Blacklight
Engine Unreal Engine 3
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
Release Steam (removed)
July 2, 2012
PlayStation 4·         NA: November 15, 2013·         EU: December 4, 2013
Genre(s) First-person shooter
Mode(s) Multiplayer


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