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VLC Media Player 64 Bit Free Download Full Version for Windows 7, 8, 10

Getintopc VLC media player is software that provides the platform to use a multi-media player. This software is available free and open source. This is a server of media streaming. vlc media player free download for windows 7 is developed by the VideoLAN project.

VLC Media Player 64 Bit

This software is available not only for desktop but also for different platforms of mobiles such as iPad, tablets and cell phones having the operating system of Android. VLC media player software free download provides the files of multi-media such as DVDs, CDs and other various streaming protocols.

There are also different modes of this software such as play audio and video files in real-time. In the last six months, there are almost two update have been occurred. There are zero flags on the virus total in the current version. This is also available on Mac and iOS.

vlc media player

Features of the VLC Media Player

VLC latest version free download is having very prominent features and is widely used in the markets. The software has the feature of the video downloader for YouTube by the use of VLC media player. The interface of free download of vlc media player for windows 10 is spontaneous. vlc player exe has the feature of converting the files into different formats.

The VLC media player software also supports multiple platforms such as windows, Linux, and android, etc. there is also the option of loading the desktop input devices which turn the VLC into screen easily. vlc player free download for windows 7 has also the feature of streaming podcasts.

VLC Media player download for windows 10 64 bit free download

There is also the feature of a graphic equalizer for our music which makes it beneficial for the users to deal with all kinds of music. The software has also the feature of activation of audio. Audios can be normalized easily by the use of this software. It also helps in protecting the ears from affected. Free vlc video player has also the ability to play the internet radios and also the podcasts in VLC easily.

Benefits of VLC Media Player

The unique features of the VLC media player are very beneficial for different users. This software helps professionals or users to adjust the effects of the audio easily. vlc media player 64-bit free download makes it easy for the users to choose or select the frame from any desired video and make it simple to set that on the wallpaper of the desktop.

There is also an option of creating the bookmark by the custom of the users’ video and then can watch the videos easily by resuming it. This software is also helping the users to adjust the speed of the playbacks with ease. VLC software free download also provides the facility to manage the toolbar by using the option of customizing interface.

Requirements of VLC Media Player

There are few requirements need to be fulfill by the PC for downloading or to install this software. The processor of the operating system for this software must be 3GHz AMD Athlon. The memory space of the operating system for this software is required 1GB.

VLC media player free download for windows can runs on almost all windows from windows XP to Windows 10. Due to having the unique features of this software, it is more demanding in the markets. VLC latest version is safe to download. Once vlc for free is downloaded it can be installed then easily by clicking on the button of run.

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