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Password Safe Free Download For Windows 10, 8, 7

This is the program used for securing the password of Microsoft Windows. Its stable version is released on 2019. The developer of the program is Rony Shapiro. Password safe pro is the open source free software. There are almost over 400 million users or downloads the program.

Password Safe Free Download

This is the secure password management and used widely in various sector for high security. There is only need to remember only one password for unlock others easily. The program is also available for different operating systems such as windows, macOS and iOS. It helps to create the secure password and encrypted lists of users. It is licensed by Artistic 2.0. It is based on Java. It is available on source forge. It is famous due to its unique features.

password safe download

Features of Password Safe

There are distinct features in the software or program that make it important in markets of software. Portable password safe
has the feature of automated discovery. It means that password safe program can scan and identify the profile of all assets. The program also possesses the privileged session management. It means that it handle and secure the data with ease by managing them.

There is also SSH key management for effective control and proper accountability. The program has also the adaptive access control feature. It helps in full control over the administration. There is also the option of threat analytics. It easily helps in identifying the threats in the work and system.

Benefits of Password Safe

This program is very useful in the industry of security. For this, it does not require a good memory. There is a password manager in the software or program that helps in boosting the cyber security. It helps a lot to many professionals or users especially those organizations that are involved in the security systems.

There is also the option of shared accounts management. In order to share accounts, users have to use secure or safe passwords for deal with accounts safely. The program has also the option of creating more than one password that gives full freedom to secure each and every app or part of the system or accounts.

password safe Sourceforge allows the users for saving the information or data in clouds with full security in the personal computers. This is also useful for customization of the application. It helps for creating immediate backups easily through the use of this software or program. It also helps in sharing the passwords among different users.

There is also the option of sharing same password manager across the various devices quickly. pwsafe download, which makes the data more secure in terms of sharing.

Requirements of Password Safe

There are few basic necessities that system or PC has to fulfill before install password safe or download the program. The operating system of the Pc must have the windows of XP, Vista, 7, 8 and window 10. System should have some space of memory to use this software. The required memory space of the operating system for this software is 8 GB RAM. The hard disk space of the operating system should be 40 GB.


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