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Gta 5 free Download For PC Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 | Grand Theft Auto V

GTA 5 is one of the best PC games out there. Published under the “GTA” series. This series is very popular with PC users and this game is the best of the whole series. Similar games to GTA Vice City Download are also available on our website.
This game is available for free with several upgrades and some interesting tutorials. In it, players can take part in a number of missions. If you achieve the goal, you will receive great compensation. Interested in downloading Tekken 3 PC is one of the most popular action adventure games. Just click the button and watch the game.

Gta 5 free Download For PC Windows

Rockstar Games launched Grand Theft Auto V in 2013 for fans eagerly awaiting another version of GTA. The game offers open landscapes with offline and multiplayer modes and also lets you enjoy the premium version for additional features. This is a fun and well-engineered title with great graphics, gameplay, and story.

GTA 5 Free Download for Windows 11, 10,8,7

GTA 5 Gameplay

Grand Theft Auto V takes you to the infamous city of San Andreas in the GTA game of the same name. The life story follows three main characters – Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Everyone has unique personality traits that often cause them problems.
You can move freely between them in the GTA V campaign and choose the main objectives or side missions.

The first takes you to the end of the story while the second gives you money and experience to get better weapons and other items. If your interest in real estate and vehicles is yours, your accumulated net worth can be used to buy multiple items around town.

Of course, there is the underlying crime problem so you can resort to violence and theft to claim your property for free. Grand Theft Auto V is more suitable for an adult audience as it contains sexual elements, drugs, and extreme violence. You will also have to make important decisions in certain parts of the story that will affect the outcome. Here is Project I.G.I. 2 which a similar game to it.

If you want to progress well in the game, you will need to complete the GTA 5 missions to download the PC apk. The missions are based on an in-game story. If you don’t play the quests, you won’t be able to progress in a row.

All of this is also influenced by the character set. This game is promoted by three different types of players mentioned below.

  • Trevor
  • Michael
  • Franklin

All above mention characters have a lot of capabilities and art. The competitor is required to select the players as per their way of playing. In the upcoming, I’m going to describe some details about each one.


Players are suitable for players who need to unlock the game. This character is evil and lawless. It takes Trevor up to 12 hours to get enough sleep.


In Grand Theft Auto, Michael is stopped as a criminal. So it defines a group of people. Michael’s sleep time is 6 hours.


This character is loaded with classic GTA features. Franklin is a fighter, greedy and overly energetic, unable to learn much. He wants to know how to become a successful criminal and act effectively. Franklin sleeps eight hours.

How To GTA 5 Download For PC

If you also want to play this game. And if you have come to our website for that, then you are at the right place. You can GTA v free download Game on the ocean of games website.

  • First of all, visit getintopc.
  • After that, the home will open in front of you.
  •  in the search box and click on the enter button and type grand theft auto 5 and press enter.
  • This Game will appear on your screen. you Can download it.

How do I install GTA V on Windows?

Before you can play Grand Theft Auto V on Windows, you need to download a huge 95GB file. It has grown over the years from 36 GB in 2013 to 65 GB in 2015.

Once you have the file, you can use the installation wizard and choose the location on your hard drive where you want to save the program data. You can create a desktop shortcut for easy access. The file takes a while to install as it requires offline and multiplayer modes. You must also create a Rockstar Games Social Club account to play GTA V on Windows.

This includes providing location information, sending privacy information, and entering a username and password for the account. For security reasons, you should not give your account information to third parties. A lot of game lovers like to get Tekken 7 Free Download

Setup Details Of GTA 5 PC Download

Game Name GTA 5 Full Game
Release Date 17 September 2013
Developers Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, MORE
Platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 & other
Mode Multiplayer video game
Game Style Action-adventure
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Grand Theft Auto V Game Minimum System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7(64 bit) or better
RAM Required 8 GB RAM
Graphics Card AMD HD7870 2GB or higher
Hard Disk Space Need 65 GB Free space on the hard disk
Sound Card Yes, the required compatible Sound Card.

GTA 5 online download Just click on the button

If you are interested click on the download button below and go ahead to download phase.

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