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FileHippo App Manager for PC free download full version

FileHippo app manager is a good tool that will help the users to keep their systems up. It will completely scan the computer for all the installed software. FileHippo app manager will get the information about the installed apps and accesses its version and then sends the information to The FileHippo then tells the users whether there are some new versions of the app released and available or not. FileHippo will display the new versions of installed apps and it will be easy to download for the users from the browse page of windows.

Overview of FileHippo App Manager for PC

FileHippo app manager is software for windows and is compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit. It scans the system for the updates of apps and then downloads it. It is a scanning app for the system. It checks and sends the information to FileHippo and then on response guides the system for the download of new versions of apps. The download is given in the form of a simple URL and is upgraded with a click.Download FileHippo App Manager

FileHippo app manager is compatible with Windows 32 bit or 64 bit and is very lightweight as it requires few moments for performance. It also has different color schemes so the users can choose their favorite ones. The new look of the app manager with its amazing new features is a must for all the systems.

It also supports many different languages while the apps earlier were unable to support more than one language. It can be installed on any of the dives of your system. It works automatically and allows the users to keep an eye on the updates of their apps. The update is given at a specified time each day so the users do not have to wait for a long to update their apps to new and smarter versions and features.

Features of FileHippo App Manager

  • FileHippo app manager keeps it user updated bout the current versions of their apps and how long have they been released
  • The list shown for the updates can be upgraded to show the apps earlier that needs upgrades
  • The users can also insert the customized folders into the settings of the app manager for their settings to make the app installation folders.


  • Its installation is quick and fast
  • Requires very small download size
  • It is a lightweight application
  • It is really easy to use without extra settings and unnecessary bugs
  • It checks for the updates regularly
  • It downloads the updates for your system
  • It can support many different apps at one time and can frequently check them for updates and downloads
  • Customized folders
  • It allows the users to update their list of apps to the latest beta version


  • It supports the downloads of all apps except the true batch ones
  • All the programs cannot be updated using the FileHippo app manager but it updates many of them

Download FileHippo App Manager

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