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Windows 11 Free Download ISO file for PC Laptop 2024 [32, 64 bit]

Windows 11 free download: Before now when there was no concept of laptops and computers people used to complete their work personally and manually. But now days it is impossible to complete your work without a computer or laptop. These have registered in the whole world and are having great importance. In this article you can get the whole guideline and information about how to download windows 11 on your computers and then run them.

Windows 11 Free Download

You can download the whole setup of windows 11 from here and guideline is also available over here as well as on other websites. It is necessary to have 64GB of free disk space on your computer if you want to download the windows 11. You can also download windows 11 from the links given over here on this site easily.

Windows 11 Free Download ISO

As when computers and laptops were invented then after that it was necessary to develop different software’s through which we can get help to work and make our work easy. Windows was the main operating system which is most important and significant for computer to run just like breath is important for body to survive.

Without Windows Operating System a computer is a useless machine of no work. After this they invented windows and many more software’s which were later on released. Microsoft Company also released more updates related to this operating system one after another.  The download of the windows 11 is found in 32 bits as well as 64 bits now a day.

On this site from the links given you can download windows 11 easily and it is free of cost too. you can download it very easily without any cost.


Formally this operating system (windows 11) was launched on 5th, October 2021. Winnows 11 was released to computers in an even out fashion. Moreover you will need to buy a license to acquire windows 10 on your system if you don’t have it.  Sorry to say that it has only 64 bit versions but it also does offer support for 32 bit apps.

Free installation:

Windows 11 is a free operating system which is an improved form of windows 10 and along with this it also provides the improved features as well as functionalities.  There is abundance of new features which you can look forward but it is having strict requirements to meet.

Free download windows 11 64 bit that is easy to install without any server crashing and moreover its update was also released. The world has been in a anger since Microsoft has announced windows 11 and they want to get its hand on the new operating system.

When it was released then there were some signs of slow performance as well as glitches and it is expected because it is newly released. But Microsoft worked on it and it is better now as they have treated many of the issues addressed.


Windows 11 is a new visual interface. Taskbar is established at the bottom of screen as well as icons are aligned in centre and gives neat appearance. There is a built in android emulator and if you are a gamer than you will enjoy this enhanced performance.

It has its own widgets in taskbar as well.  Moreover there will be no need of installing separate conferencing apps as windows 11 has Microsoft teams included in it. Along with this you need to have a 4GB Ram and 2 cores are needed by the processor, if you are using 32 bit system with old graphics.

How to get windows 11

You can get windows 11 in three ways and can easily download it if you have checked all the things which are necessary for downloading windows 11 on your computer.

  • Directly downloading

You can simply download it directly from the windows file and then let the wizard set all the things for you.

  • Installation media:

This will let you create a bootable DVD is you want to use it to set up or install on a PC.

  • ISO virtual disc:

In this step you can run the ISO of windows 11 from a essential drive.


  • Contain brand new features.
  • Upgraded old features.
  • Free installation from windows 10.
  • Performance is improved.
  • Microsoft teams are including.


  • Requirements are strict of this system.
  • Not all the PCs are able to run it.
  • Roll-out launch.


Microsoft has announced the following minimum system requirements for Windows 11.

  • 2-core processor, 1 GHz, in the list of AMD , Intel or ARM processors
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB of storage
  • UEFI, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0
  • DirectX 12 with WDDM 2.x
  • Screen of more than 9 inches with definition 1280 x 720 pixels

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I hope this article would be helpful for you to know about the significance, features and new upgrades of the windows 11. If you want to have more information related to this article then do comment below in the comment section and I will response to it as soon as possible.

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