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Torch Browser Free Download for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 [64Bit 32Bit]

Torch browser is the software that is free to download and offers strong browsing together integrated the features of download and multimedia. Torch browser app download here, which is built for Windows and developed by Torch Media.

Torch Browser Free Download Overview

This major focus of this software is on the different aspects of media web browsing. Torch browser is based on the Chromium and its design is similar to the Google Chrome. The difference is only of this software with Chrome is that it allows the users to download the media directly from different places such as YouTube. Torch browser app includes the torrent direct in the browsing which enables the users to watch the videos as they download them.

torch browser free download

Features of Torch Browser

Torch web browser has amazing features which make it essential and demanding in the markets of software and increase the experiences of the users. There is sharing button in the Torch Browser software on the right side of the screen. By the use of this button users can share their web page directly into Facebook or Twitter.

This software has the little Pac-man symbol which helps the users to play games directly in the browser. There is also option or category of music known as torch music. Torch music gives permission to its users to play music and different YouTube videos in their browser without opening another or separate page for it.

There is also the ability to download the Torrent from the browser directly or from the explorer. For this just need to hit the green download symbol, directly app opens the page which holds all our Torrente videos. Users can immediately open or play anything for downloading because it receives the linear from the browser. In comparison to Mozilla Firefox, the speed of torch is much higher than Chrome’s download.

Torch browser app download has also the feature of facelift to users Facebook which means that there is option of replacement or to change the look of Facebook with custom easily pre-design. This software has also the area of torch games. Just by clicking on the button of torch games, users will easily find hundreds of games which provide more fun to play. Almost all games are available free to play or download.

This area of torch browser allows the users to enjoy from almost all kinds of games which they are trying to find for more entertainment. Torch browser software allows the users to translate and search the texts or having the access to sharing the photos or links. There is area of torch drag and drop in this software.

Ways to use Torch Browser

This software is available free cost. It is easy to download from any web. Once users have downloaded the software and make a proper set up of the browser it will run very easily with like another explores.

The most important or unique difference of this software is the top right corner where users can see the normal settings button and even the features of the browser also appear there. For increase the speed of downloading users can get the download accelerator which automatically sync with the browser.

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