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41 Christmas Eve Service Ideas 2019 – Creative Ideas For Christmas Eve Service

Christmas eve service ideas 2019: Are you planning for church’s Christmas Eve Service 2019? then there are a couple of days remaining for this. what’s on your mind? I mean How do you create a single unique service for your holy church year after a long year while remaining true to tradition? with all this,  How can your Pastor engage the local congregation while engaging out to the community as well. Such questions keep Pastors and Creative Arts leaders up at night during the Christmas season.

About Christmas eve service ideas 2019

It seems during the Christmas season attendance is generally becomes high at all of the churches in the whole world. Just try to make an effort to create a special service on Christmas Eve 2019.

What is the Christmas Eve service?

Before going to in discussion about ideas about Christ eve it is essential to know about What is Christmas Eve service?

basically Christmas Eve is the evening or whole day ahead Christmas Day, the festival celebrates the birth of Jesus. Christmas Day is observed all over the world, and Christmas Eve is globally observed as a full or partial public holiday in the prediction of Christmas Day.

Why do people go to church on Christmas Eve?

While there is nothing special script in the Bible about to dictate the Christians community to go to mass on Christmas Eve. the tradition of Christian believed to have started to honor Jesus’ birth on Christmas day. Some groups of people has an opinion that tradition started in the Western World from about 430AD under Pope Sixtus III in the Basilica of St Mary Major.

How do you make a memorable Christmas?

Enlist below some ideas about how to make Christmas memorable, as you enter this holiday season.

Christmas eve service ideas 2019

Don’t neglect traditions

Sing a Carols’ song: on Christmas carols bring with it an unforgettable memory, and it must be remembered. Sometimes, for innovativeness, Worship Leaders and Creative Pastors have attempted to change or modify carols.

I would say, individuals, need to sing and be reminded of what they know – especially during Christmas – and adjusting a Christmas carol’s rhythm a lot of can backfire. Let the singing of age-old carols be a runway toward the sharing of the gospel message towards hearts prepared to get it.

Christmas eve candlelight programs

candle lighting can also be an amazing idea for Christmas eve. Just imagine a light candle at the stage, or it may be single candlelight all across the room. This is a memory maker idea that attracts the families and adopted by a lot of creative in many churches in the Christmas seasons.

Christmas eve candlelight programs

Advent wreath Christmas eve

Displaying an Advent wreath in churches is also a good idea. it is the most attractive and beautiful decoration that remembrance of the true meaning of Christmas.

Christmas communion service ideas

Communion makes us remember Christ’s birth and sacrifice. make them Allow the taking of the communion elements to usher on this holiday season. Christmas eve service ideas for families

Family Christmas Eve Service ideas

Enlist down there are some outstanding Christmas eve service ideas for families:

  • Aware your kids about the Christmas story and bring with you a simple book for children to follow along with during the service.
  • Create a coloring book for children that make a connection with content playing on the projector screen. Must bring some stickers as well for your kids so that they can place them while listening to certain words or songs in the service.

Christmas eve service ideas for kids

  • Have a kids’ story opportunity where kids come up to the stage for a special 5-minute engaging time with the Pastor.
  • make sure to engage your kids in any service including a special song, drama, reading, or children’s choir.
  • This also is a good idea to deliver a message with visuals and props. because people of all ages will remember it easily and engage in the story via visuals and pictures.

Family Christmas Eve Service ideas

Christmas eve service ideas for small churches

  • Experiment with unique and creative lighting ideas, Uses of projectors to make environmental projection this season.
  • Utilize different themes related to Christmas like Christmas trees, winter wonderland, or candles.
  • Arrange some special or creative items like coroplast or wooden pallets.
  • Decorate your stage and turn it into a different situation like Bethlehem, a nativity scene, a  or a living room.
  • Avail the opportunity to buy extra items for your set design like soft goods or truss.
christmas eve service ideas gifts

christmas eve service ideas gifts

Create an opportunity to give back

  • Plan for designated missions offering and cast the vision for the giving early so individuals are set up to give when they arrive for the Christmas Eve service.
  • Offer opportunities to give to designated ministries both inside and outside the church with nearby partners.
  • ake part in a coat drive for a nearby shelter. Make a special area for drop off so that families can see the effect that one coat can make when joined with a nearby church body.
  • Start a canned nourishment drive and have the gathering drop items off as they land for the service.
  • Discover ways to fuse the giving and serving elements into your service programming so that you can augment both coherence and effect.

Keep it fun

  • Its time to get entertain and has a photo session both in the lobby for family pictures.
  • Serve hot cocoa and cookies after each service to enable time for individuals to wait. The holidays are busy and sometimes the best gift can be time. The additional advantage is that the smell of cookies will also usher in the christmas eve season and welcome honorable guests.

Christmas Photo Ideas for Great Holiday Photography

  • Produce a fun opening song and video. Consider having assemblage members send in their Christmas cards and use them as backgrounds on the screens. It will be an invite prologue to your service as individuals stroll in and see themselves and their friends and family.
  • End the service with a fun and unforgotable moment. Consider making a winter wonderland indoors and having it snow as individuals sing a last song.

Christmas eve service script 2019


The story about the coming of our Savior using whoever and whatever is available to you on stage. Perfect for a Christmas Eve service!


This monologue, designed to be presented on Christmas Eve before the story of Jesus’ birth is shared, expresses through one voice the many thoughts and feelings of those who are drawn to Christmas.
Christmas eve service script 2019

Contemporary Christmas eve service outline


A simple and fun way to tell the story of the night Christ was born.

Christmas eve service images

christmas eve service images 2019

christmas eve service images

Hope you would like Christmas Eve Service Ideas for your services.

Amazing & Creative Christmas Service Ideas for Church

Create A Winter Wonderland On The Stage

Christmas is one of the best time times for churches as they get the opportunity to enhance the stage, asylum, and halls with Christmas designs, trees, day off nativity scenes. Consider getting an entire bundle of genuine trees and putting them on your stage and covering them with lights and phony day off. This will truly help bring the sentiment of a winter wonderland and will bring that Christmas tree smell to your services. You can likewise set up your phase to suit a progressively acoustic style for love. In the event that your drummer is ordinarily in a “confine”, evacuate the pen for Christmas time, and tight down the drum set to a 3-piece and set up a littler, personal stage that will empower a Christmas chime in revere set.

Host A Christmas Decoration Party

Devote an end of the week or Saturday night to design your church as a church family and assembly, traditionally called “The Hanging of the Green.” The most recent few days of November is an extraordinary time to do this. You can play Christmas music, have Christmas treats and snacks, and in case you’re a littler church with constrained assets, ask the individuals in your assembly to each bring a few embellishments they love. Together with the assistance of volunteers, everybody can participate in improving the church for Christmas. You and your gathering will be so pleased with the work every seven day stretch of the period.

Create An Alternative Worship Set Or Service

With all the distinctive innovation that is effectively open, think of some fun approaches to join it into your love service. Have a go at having the love group play Christmas tunes completely utilizing Garageband on iPads. Or then again go the more innovation free heading and have it be 100% acoustic, possibly with a drum hover of Cajuns and djembes, jingle chimes, and guitars. Your assemblage will adore assembling around and singing Christmas hymns!

Write A Christmas Skit Or Christmas Play

Christmas is a fun time to assemble as one major church family and recall the genuine significance of Christmas – Jesus Christ! One of the best time approaches to recollect the introduction of Jesus Christ is through a Christmas drama or play. Particularly observing the offspring of the church spruced up and reenacting the introduction of Jesus, the astute men coming to adore Him and the shepherds in the fields being experienced by blessed messengers! Arrange with your Sunday School executive and concoct a couple of various plans all through December. Maybe it’s one major play, spread out over the entire month of December with various parts being done in each service.

Support Thanksgiving During Christmas

As your church assembles during the Christmas season to recall Jesus’ Incarnation, urge your assemblage to think about the entirety of the ground-breaking and strong things God has done in every one of their lives. Put aside time to have an “open mic” for your assembly, enabling every individual 30 seconds to state what they are grateful for. You’ll see that a grateful heart urges others to think about God’s great endowments.

Have A Church Feast/Dinner

Pick one Sunday in December to have a Christmas feast, after a church service. It can either be potluck style, where everybody brings their preferred occasion dish, or you can appoint explicit dishes to families. Give it a chance to be a period that energizes companions, family, and neighbors to consolidate. You can even stretch out a solicitation to different churches in your locale.

Have A Candlelight Communion Service

Like a candlelight service, welcome your church assemblage to assemble for Christmas tunes sung by candlelight. Incorporate a period for your assemblage to accumulate with their family and friends and family to participate in fellowship. Take into consideration 15-30 minutes while the love group plays delicately out of sight. Empower the pioneers of every family to lead their families in fellowship, petition, and offering gratitude to God for all that He has done in their lives. You’ll be stunned at the result of this since numerous families make some hard memories putting aside quality time during this bustling season.

Favor Your Community With Baked Goods

Assemble as a church family and concoct a course of action to make some tasty heated merchandise and take them out to your locale. You can take these heated products to nursing homes, schools, fire stations, missions, or considerably another church in your locale. You’ll adore considering the to be on their appearances as you give them Christmas treats and different treats! Think about joining a few welcomes to your Christmas Eve or Christmas Day service too.

Christmas Caroling

After one of your church services, assemble and go Christmas Caroling in your locale. You can go to nursing homes, shopping centers, markets or other open spots. Plan this early and arrange your clothing and think of a rundown of tunes and the areas you will go caroling at. You can even go the old style course and assemble on a city intersection in a substantial pedestrian activity zone.

Provide for Those In Need

Meet up as a church family and purchase, wrap, and convey Christmas presents to families who are battling monetarily. Consider single-parent families, old or those physically tested, the nearby public venue, or the destitute safe house. Open up a discussion about their needs or needs, and consider favoring them with arranged suppers as well.

Have A True Christmas Service

Devote your whole Christmas church service to serving others. This is an incredible time to get the entire church associated with serving. It very well may be straightforward. For instance, gather covers and hand them out to vagrants or host a gala for another church or the destitute in your locale. You can likewise volunteer at a destitute sanctuary or kids’ home. Doing one of these demonstrations of consideration instead of your conventional Christmas service will communicate something specific of affection and furnish your church assembly with a Christmas experience they won’t forget. All things considered, Christmas is about when Jesus Christ came in lowliness to serve those out of luck.

4 BONUS Ideas

Christmas Eve-Eve Service

While numerous churches still have a Christmas Eve service, an ever increasing number of families are getting to know each other at home. Urge your church gathering to get to know each other as a family on Christmas Eve by having a Christmas Eve-Eve service. This additionally opens up your church staff from working/serving on Christmas Eve and enables them to invest energy with their families on Christmas Eve or even go to a Christmas Eve service elsewhere in your locale.

Offer The Chance To Give

Open up your church services to take into account chances to give. Maybe it’s raising assets for a network venture or a church needing another rooftop or better warming. Possibly it’s a family who can’t bring home the bacon. Whatever the need, help your assemblage to remember the significance to stop and serve. All things considered, Jesus came to us with the plan to serve us and not be served by us. This is the update at Christmas, that we serve the least of these. By making chances to fill in as a service, individuals will characteristically back off and have the option to appreciate the minute instead of racing to the following occasion. Discover neighborhood accomplices in your encompassing region that could utilize a hand.

Coordinate Social Media Into Your Christmas Services

Facebook and internet based life give an incredible and simple approach to speak with others. Consider making some fun tests or inquiries to pose to your church assembly on your web based life platforms. You can even make some expert online life illustrations and offer them straightforwardly to Facebook with our Sharefaith Designer! Have a go at making 12 unique pictures with Bible stanzas about the introduction of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for the “12 Days Of Christmas” and posting one every day paving the way to Christmas.

Redesign Your Church Service

Think about new special visualizations for your service. Christmas Motion Graphics are consistent moving pictures that circle all through the length of your melody. The arrangement is fundamentally the same as a normal love foundation. This is an incredible method to draw in your assemblage particularly if this is something totally extraordinary for your service. In any case, the primary concern you need to recollect is to utilize foundations that supplement the whole service topic. On the off chance that you as of now use movement illustrations reliably, we urge you to keep learning and attempting new methods and finding new innovations that can help your service.


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